As we face a breakdown in the known world structures and climate challenges impacting our everyday lives, we find ourselves searching for innovative ways to navigate change.

Deep feelings of anger, sorrow and grief come from the resonance of your connection with the planet. And, it is through connection to those embodied sensations that healing comes. Here we prepare the soil of our psyche, our Soul and our journey of living. 

Monthly Climate Distress Circles


Through Climate Distress circles, I invite empathic ‘first responders’ to the climate crisis to gather, acknowledge the enormity of what we collectively face, and nourish the resolve to take collective action.  By sharing empathy, belonging, togetherness and community, we are resourcing our nervous systems for the challenge ahead. 

I invite you to peel back the layers, awakening what Mary Oliver calls ‘the soft warm animal of your body’, and kindle kinship. As we gather around the fireside to speak story, we elegize what we love about the Earth and discover that, by healing our Earthbodies, we are also healing Her. 


 I would be honored to be a member of your support team as we create a resilient and diverse local Ecosystem.


We must come together to navigate this challenging time.

Monthly Climate processing groups are NOW happening.