Embodied Therapy with Kris Coffman

My work is an invitation into balance and connection. I’m here to hold you while you broaden your edges, explore your vulnerability, and expand your capacities. If therapy is the path into your forest, I will be your guide, offering tools, pointing out opportunities, and seeking to keep you safe as you unearth, explore, and discover.

This is my invitation: 

If you are ready to move through  the process of unearthing the material that needs healing…


If you are called to do the messy and at times uncomfortable work of being with and moving towards your integrated Self…


If you are looking for new ways to heal, to serve, and to thrive: 



I will accompany you on the journey, holding sacred space as you tap into the wellspring of resilience and fierce beauty within.  

The angst of an imminently changing climate can bloom into despair. You can refuse to perpetuate society’s denial, and bravely face climate reality: but you can’t do it alone.

{ Climate Discussion Groups }

Plant medicine opens profound gateways. I hold nurturing, present, sacred space for you to sift through the raw material entheogens unearth. 

{ Integrate }

 I work with individuals, couples and other relationship configurations to address the intimate concerns of sexuality, pleasure and the integration of sexual trauma.

{ Explore }


 From erotic salons to cuddle parties to Bliss Dance, find belonging and safety in circles of support that are fierce, loving acts of resistance.

{ Events } 

It is my honor to be a guide on your journey to inner realization.

This path is not a quick fix. It is not a band aid to cover the challenges you are facing. This is an embodied exploration that invites you to dive deep, past the conditioned responses of your mind into the profound wisdom of your sacred Earthbody. 


You are ….

ready to invest in your healing journey in new ways. 

You have sampled mainstream therapy and found it lacking.

You know there is something MORE. Beyond pills and mind-games. 

Seeking holistic answers to your deepest questions, you are ready to invest in self-development and internal exploration.  

Ready to begin a courageous conversation?



Private pay, full fee : 

Individual $220/hour

Relational/Couples $260/hour

I offer a limited sliding scale to support accessibility. Find out more.

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Hi. I'm Kris.

I support people in the areas of sexuality, relationships, states of consciousness, psychedelic integration and intimacy.   My understanding of embodied spiritual practices has been cultivated through research, ritual, and experiential learning.

Through extensive study both locally and internationally, I have obtained a high degree of  training  in many modalities; through mentorship, therapy, coaching  and co-learning I have worked with people from all walks of life, of diverse genders, ages, proclivities and affiliations. 

My practice has been shaped by decades of devotional study including bodywork, dance/dance therapy, energy attunement, somatic and energy psychotherapy, depth psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, sex therapy and Reiki attunements.

My approach is grounded in kindness. I view this work as a deepening of intimacy with self, others, and the Earth. It is my honor to work towards restoring a balance of the psyche, body, and spirit through practices that engage with all levels of our human experience.  

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What my clients say…

“I struggled to find a therapist who was experienced in working with trans and queer people who was not in my immediate social circle. I feel so lucky to have found Kris. She does not focus on my transgender identity, queerness, or polyamory as “problems”, but is aware of how those identities can interact with the rest of my life. She encourages me to understand how my experiences and emotions are felt in my body, and to practice being present with and aware of those feelings and sensations. Kris also provided support to me as I began esketamine treatment which was very valuable in integrating the experiences.”

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” 

Jiddu Krishnamurti