Somatic Counseling with
Kris Coffman


I am here to show you: Somatic Healing is a profound, political, and passionate act of resistance in a world out of alignment. 

Consumer culture has disconnected us from our bodies. In this climate of discord and alienation, the softening into creative possibility can feel dangerous.  

As an intuitive, creative person, you are attuned to grief, and take on the sorrows of the world. What would it be like to put down that weight, so you had space for other expressions of sacred experience? 

The somatic therapy process is an evolutionary process. It is part of a long term commitment to healing and growth. It is NOT a quick fix. Through one-on-one sessions, treatment intensives, group work and embodied movement practice,  I will help you uncover what most needs tending and attention, and hand you tools to help you listen to, and speak up for, your deepest self. 

Specializing in: 

Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM)/LGBTQIA+ 2 Spirit peoples

Complex Trauma and PTSD Sexual and Emotional conditions

Couples Therapy, ENM (Ethical non-monogamy, Polyamory) 

Somatic Processing and Integration

Spiritual crisis/Nervous system dysregulation

My Story

I have walked an extraordinary path. I have charted a journey from childhood emotional neglect, through my own therapeutic self-discovery process and into committed cultivation of skills to serve my fellow beings.  A multidimensional thinker, I embrace diversity, passionate inquiry, vow respect, and generate compassion in communion with the divine Earthbody. 

All my life, I’ve sought answers to big questions. Why are we here? What do we stand for? I continue to seek, and find answers,  in the soft voices of inner wisdom. Having grown up on the fringes of love, I know the joy and liberation of finding a community who understands me, and want to offer that solace to other intuitive, body-oriented creatives whose queer, sorrowful, creative, broken and beautiful paths intersect with my own.  

Select Education

Embodied Awareness with Dr. Beth Hedva

Narrative Training with Dr. David Nylund

Somatic Sex Therapy with Dr. Stella Resnick

Queering Psychotherapy with Dr. Julie Tilsen

Master Massage, Bodywork and Energy Practitioner

San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) training

Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator

Bliss Dance Facilitator (in training)

MA in Psychology: Marriage Family Therapy

BA in Political Science

Explore Holistic Somatic Psychotherapy.
Explore Somatic Psychotherapy.  Draw on the wisdom of your body, heart, Spirit and mind.  

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Explore Holistic Somatic Psychotherapy.
Learn the wisdom of your body, heart, Spirit and mind.  See if this is the right path for YOU.

Book your FREE Discovery Session today.

The Culture of My Offerings:

This is a sex-positive space. A space that welcomes all bodies, all genders, all sexual identities. A place for rebels, activists, change-makers. A space that is at once intimate, and upholding of healthy boundaries. Somewhere you can face the devastating truths about environmental and social havoc while developing sustainable practices to keep the pilot light of hope burning bright.  A place where nourishing touch supports mental, spiritual and physical health & wellness. A place committed to social justice and anti-racism. A locus for radical change, and cultural evolution. A place to re-story your life. 

Join me in this ever-evolving inquiry.  

What I Believe

~ I believe we all have more resources for healing than we know. ~

~ I believe we all have similar longings: to be loved, to love, to belong, to be heard. ~

~ I believe relationships are work, and that it is worth it. ~

~  I believe being honest with ourselves is the first step toward wellness. ~

~ I believe that exploring embodied emotion is profoundly healing. ~

~ I believe sexuality is sacred, and discovering your own expression is integral to your overall well being. ~

~ I believe the body holds wisdom that is fundamental medicine for our EarthBody journey ~

Frequently Asked Questions

What my clients say…

“Kris is warm and inviting, offering a magicness to the process of deep, often painful and difficult inner work, which allowed me to experience therapy work organically and with more ease. Kris is trained in a wealth of various healing modalities and approached this work in ways that met my needs as I was realizing them. It is through Kris’ intuitiveness in how she listened, connected, and engaged with me in my unique healing journey which helped guide me to my most relevant work with energetic momentum and responsiveness in the tools shared. Working with Kris was a true gift. “

“Kris’ psychosomatic approach to understanding and healing trauma allowed me to process so much of my trauma that was still impacting me and limiting me. Kris utilized her full and complete knowledge of her craft and modified it for each situation as needed. I grew from someone who constantly silenced herself and made herself small to someone who is fully empowered with embodied sovereignty. “

“When I encountered Kris, I immediately felt a deep resonance, a spark of Life, an intuitive knowing that she had the medicine I needed. Kris’ capacity to invite, witness, meet, and expand the multiple dimensions of my human experience is profound. Her special blend of compassion, playfulness, and depth facilitated a kind of soul work that helped me integrate fragmented and exiled parts and then blossom into true self-authority. Drawing from her own inner well, Kris taught me to listen to and trust the wisdom of my body and intuitive knowing, bringing deep shifts in my embodied sense of self, and life-giving changes in my relationships with my loved ones, my clients, my work, and the Earth.”

“Kris is a wonderful, kind and extremely thoughtful therapist. I can attest to her amazing ability to listen and provide emotional support to her clients. We all need extra help sometimes to get through the hard times. It is out there. Seek it. Kind, sincere, compassionate people are out there to help understand and validate our emotions without stigma.”


Licensed Marriage
Family Therapist

​​“The body, not the thinking brain, is where we experience most of our pain, pleasure, and joy, and where we process most of what happens to us. It is also where we do most of our healing, including our emotional and psychological healing. And it is where we experience resilience and a sense of flow.”