Climate scientists predict that natural disasters will become harsher and more frequent. We will see additional public trauma, depression, violence, alienation, substance usage, suicide, altered state episodes, post-traumatic stress, and additional mental health challenges.

Our emotional well-being has been impacted by the increasing number of wildfires, floods, and community health impacts. How will we collectively navigate an uncertain future?  How do we cope with ecological distress? This offering shares tools and resources to assist in your navigation of the treacherous waters ahead.

We must come together to navigate this challenging time.

Monthly Climate processing groups are NOW happening.

“The issue is not simply one of needing to save the world, but also of needing to solve the problem of the loss of soul throughout the modern world. Part of what has been lot in the reckless rushing of modernity is the sense that each life has an authentic interior that shelters important emotions as well as inherent purpose, and that the dignity of existence includes a necessary instinct to unfold the unique story woven inside each living soul.

Michael Meade 


How do we navigate the climate chaos that is brewing?

This offering shares tools and resources to assist you in navigation of the treacherous waters before us.


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