It can be a profound experience of healing to ride the waves of sorrow, love, belonging and intimacy in the embrace of community.  

I lead diverse groups into explorations of what it means to be fully human, how to be vulnerable, expressed  AND safe in good company. 

Connect with community through:

•  monthly Erotic Salons
•  monthly Growers Community Circles
•  communication and boundary workshops known as Cuddle Parties
•  multiday Retreats
•. Community Forums! and More!

Upcoming Events

Monthly Erotic Salons

Join Kris for an Erotic Salon, Hosted Monthly!

Erotic Salon: a safe space to discuss our sacred sexual selves within a community of like minded Souls.

Every 1st Friday of the Month, from 6-8 pm!

Topics will vary by month.

Growers Community Circles

Join Kris for the Growers Mental Health Community Circles!

An invitation to share the burden of these challenging times, step out of isolation and into the nourishment of feeling seen, heard, understood

Bliss Dance

Join Kris Coffman for facilitated Intuitive movement practice 

A safe, unchoreographed space to express, to hold space for other beings to, open into authentic expression.

Climate Distress Circles

Through Climate Distress circles, I invite empathic ‘first responders’ to the climate crisis to gather, acknowledge the enormity of what we collectively face, and nourish the resolve to take collective action.  

Are you interested in deepening into the work of somatic healing with multiple hour explorations?  This is your chance to root into work with Kris Coffman, and experience dedicated one-on-one therapeutic time. Format: half-day, full-day or full weekend intensives available.

Cuddle Parties

An event that teaches communication and boundaries in an intimate,  non-sexual space. More info at www.cuddleparty.com. Come explore your edges. Watch the entire time from the safety of the sidelines, or dive right in. The choice is yours. 

Find out when the next Cuddle Party is happening: sign up for my Fireside newsletter.

Here are rules for Cuddle Parties which are respected across all official Cuddle Party events. 

  • Clothing stays on the entire time
  • There is no sexual exploration at Cuddle Party
  • If you are a Yes, say Yes!
  • If you are a No, say No
  • If you are a Maybe, say No
  • You are encouraged to change your mind as you like
  • If you are in a Relationship, communicate your boundaries
  • Tears as well as Laughter are Welcome.
  • Arrive on Time. This is a closed container
  • Be mindful of hygiene.
  • Keep the cuddle space tidy







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“Reaching out can be enormously difficult for a heart that has been wounded in the act. It helps to remember that reaching out is actually an offering of generosity, the invitation which allows the other to contribute their gifts into our shortfall. It is an act of recognition of the others’ necessity which, to an ecosystem, is the joining process itself.”  

— Toko pa