Becoming attuned  to your own sacred sensuality - you are the divine, experiencing itself in human form —  brings great power. 

Discussing sexuality can be a vulnerable and taboo-laden experience.  You are welcome here. Through guided practices, mindful exploration and a cultivated theraputic intimacy within healthy boundaries,  I strive to provide a safe and nurturing space for you to get in touch with your own sexual wisdom and integrate that knowledge into your life and your relationships.  

 Topics of inquiry include but are not limited to: 

~ A lack of sexual desire

~ Intimacy after extramarital challenges

~ Disparity in sex drives

~ Intimacy after having children

~ Sexual function and intimacy after medical intervention

~ Painful intercourse

~ Erectile Dysfunction

~ Sexually compulsive behavior

~ Difficulties achieving orgasm

~ Gender Spectrum Minority challenges and wellness

~ Gender Dysphoria and Sexual Wellness

~ BDSM and Kink lifestyles

~ Alter-Abled bodies and sexability

~  Sex and Diversity:  ENM, Polyamoury, Sex Positive, Kink, Sex workers.



My approach : My practice is LGBTQIA+, Two-Spirited, Queer Honoring and respectful of sexual orientation, gender identity, and diverse cultural identities.  

What is it? Sex Therapy is a form of counseling that addresses the challenges in the realm of our sexual lives. I work with individuals, couples and other relationship configurations to address the intimate concerns of sexuality, pleasure and the integration of sexual trauma.

Why? Sex Therapy can help to address the emotional, physical, biological, and spiritual issues that can influence sexuality. Sex therapy is predominantly a mental and emotional reflection on one’s own internal conflicts, concerns, and/or questions about sex. Approaching this inquiry through somatic practices can bring great revelation; the invitation to deeply tune into embodied experience circumvents mental taboos and connects to the wellspring of your sensual, feeling self.

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"I feel like I continue to grow and learn more about myself each time I have a session with Kris and that I what I was looking for when I started on this journey. I highly recommend Kris as a wonderful and helpful counselor to those seeking someone that offers diversity, respect, and curiosity not only within her practice but also within her core values.”

“In my time working with Kris, I was able to move through really challenging phases of life feeling supported and heard. She helped me to reconnect with myself on a very deep level. Kris has a gift for seeing you and holding space for everything you are without judgment. She always made me feel cared for and she helped me to recognize all of the greatness inside of me even when I didn’t know it was there. I am deeply grateful for the time we spent together.”



"I found Kris while seeking out a sex-positive therapist and did not realize how badly I needed to be seen fully. I’ve seen a handful of therapists over the years but have never been understood so completely. My values, goals, joy, and vulnerability were reflected by someone who has clearly developed her sense of radical authenticity. What really activated my healing is that Kris is someone who can allow room for connection while still maintaining boundaries. 

She reminded me to slow do so that I could feel in control, and the power from what I was choosing to share instead of just being relieved that I had finally had someone that would listen. Kris isn’t just any someone and I am grateful to have learned, belly laughed, and felt held by her wisdom.”