What does it mean to be Adapt-Able?

Times of change…

We are in a time of change.

People are speaking about the Meta-crises of our time.

Navigating the best we are able, we bring ourselves to this time. How do we adapt to what is needed?

One of the things I have noticed that is needed during this time is a capacity for change.

Nervous system capacity is built within our life experiences.

Window of Tolerance

Window of tolerance

Nervous system activation:

For those of us who have experienced any form of complex trauma, the ability to navigate life is often compressed. We see that in big responses to what others might consider smaller moments. Activation is a term for arousal in the nervous system (and no, this is not referring to sexual arousal!)

A common term for this nervous system state can be known as being “triggered”.

In a world bombarded with input and activations, how do we navigate the basic need for a baseline understanding of our nervous system?!! That is a great question.

Getting to know ourselves and our nervous system is a big piece of what Somatic insight invitations are. Sensation tracking, and learning about the internal ecosystem of ourselves. Connect that in with the massive energy system that is our planet and all the worries of the many species and you have the possibility of shut down. How many times have you noticed going numb in the light of news reports of what is happening in our world?

Connecting with what can be

Today’s musings are not the how-to of navigating these many inquiries. That is a deep part of Somatic Psychotherapy. I will share in other blog posts some tools and resources to address these parts of ourselves.

Today I am sharing from resources I have been engaging with.

How are we as humans going to navigate this time?

  • Adaptation. What does it mean to be adaptive to what is possible as tragedies and challenges continue to happen?
  • SIMPLIFY. How is Western Culture, and our participation in it called to SIMPLIFY?
  • Localization: what resources and needs are in our local ecosystem for trade, barter, and basic economy?

How do we make peace with our Mortality, with the tragedies and the challenges of these times? (Hospicing modernity and the cultural assumptions that will need to change.)

We are in it together. I am here with you.

While we are figuring out this next chapter as members of this ecosystem…

Take Care!

Kris Coffman

Resources and Books:

Deep Adaptation: Edited by Jem Bendell and Rupert Read

Hospicing Modernity: Vanessa Machado de Oliveira

A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: Sarah Jaquette Ray

Savage Grace: Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

The Myth of Normal: Gabor Mate with Daniel Mate


Video: The Great Simplification



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