Bliss Dance


Bliss Dance sessions invite you to enter into a deeply communal sound space where we invite our Earthbodies to explore human connections: out of ‘mind’, free from language, in a flowing state of creature-liness.

Sessions are 3 hours long.

Here you are invited to encounter and release body armoring: the accumulation of emotional protections against feeling. Gently expand your awareness of Self. Connect with your passionate, instinctual self while frolicking with others. Allow movement and explore intimate presence with yourself and others, in movement and stillness, with music and with silence. Move into the oceanic experience of melting into connection to Life.

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Bliss Dance is…
• A way to connect with other human beings as a community and a collective
• A resource that helps you to feel alive in a shared context
• A way to define and refine our individual Selves

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