Psychedelic             Integration

Psychedelic Integration


You who have been cracked open through the use of  entheogenic and plant medicines: here is a path to weave those experiences back into your ordinary, sacred life. 

I provide psycho-education for best practices:  pre-journey preparation, conscious set & setting, laying down intentions, and supportive instruments to illuminate your journey. 

Entheogens have been shown to shut down the amygdala, the area of the brain that controls our fear response. That allows you to experience your most raw material — past traumas, chronic pain, challenges in your life — unimpeded by the fight/flight or freeze/appease response. 

Once you have opened a powerful gateway, the medicine of the divine Earthbody wants to live on, in you. I will listen in as you explore the stories, symbols and revelations that have come from your innermost Self in congress with the archetypal One. With repetition and practice, I will help you tune into your internal flow:  to surrender past traumas, so they may come to rest like sediment at the bottom of the river. I help the precious plant teachings find life and expression, delicately building the scaffolding with you so you may consciously craft new responses to your daily encounters. 

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What clients say…

“When I encountered Kris, I immediately felt a deep resonance, a spark of Life, an intuitive knowing that she had the medicine I needed. Kris’ capacity to invite, witness, meet, and expand the multiple dimensions of my human experience is profound. Her special blend of compassion, playfulness, and depth facilitated a kind of soul work that helped me integrate fragmented and exiled parts and then blossom into true self-authority. Drawing from her own inner well, Kris taught me to listen to and trust the wisdom of my body and intuitive knowing, bringing deep shifts in my embodied sense of self, and life-giving changes in my relationships with my loved ones, my clients, my work, and the Earth.”

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“To heal you have to get to the root of the wound and kiss it all the way up.”

— Rupi Kaur