What is a session with Kris like?

Working with a Therapist can be daunting on the best of days. I am here to share it does not have to be disruptive. This is a question I get so often in my work. As my work straddles so many different dimensions of healing this can be a difficult question for me to answer.

The session will look like whatever it does! With a deep value for emergent wisdom and honor the presence of the moment, I am honored to share that I work intuitively and in collaboration with you!

Each and every session is unique and yet also has some very predictable components.

The beginning. A time to ground and locate ourselves in the weekly practice of meeting. This is a time for intentional breath, and checking in with the body to see what is alive today.

The middle. Here is the opening to the metabolism of our work together. I bring a vast tool chest of options and explorations to what might be best served in our time together. My offerings are more than talk therapy, it is an experience! Connecting with your internal wisdom, and facets of yourself that call out for healing we journey to the inner landscape. This is a unique experience and also a shared experience. Everyone has their own pace, topic, and need for resourcing. As a Trauma-informed practitioner, it is my intention to go slow and feel into what arises. This is NOT a fast, solutions-based practice. It is one of inviting the meeting of what is. We come together and dance with what arises in the space between. It is my honor to be of service to you (the relational space) and to navigate our time together.

A short time before the completion of our time together, I will support the conversation to come to a completion space. One of my favorite questions to ask at the transition of our session, is “how will you be nurturing yourself after our time together?” This invites the inquiry for transition, and resourcing outside the Therapeutic container.

With care,


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What is a session with Kris like?

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