Embodied Somatic Therapy with Kris Coffman

Somatic work is an invitation into wholeness, balance, belonging, and connection. 

Bodies store things: pain, trauma, repressed memories  —  but they are also vehicles of liberation and places where you can be deeply at home, and with Love. 

What is Somatic Therapy?

This integration of body and talk therapy is an experiential modality that welcomes all of you. This modality can include techniques such as:

• Mindfulness
• Sensation tracking
• Nervous system attunement
• Holistic (Mind Body Spirit) Integration and Wellness
• Energetic tracking and support 

• Body movement, Sound, Sensation tracking
• Nurturing touch
• Play
• Vagal informed therapy.
• Neuroception
• Feeling yourself in your body


Private pay, full fee : 

Individual $220/hour

Relational/Couples $260/hour

I offer a limited sliding scale to support accessibility. Find out more.


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Join my community!

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Our Work Together

I guide you to release your grief, shake off long held tensions that prevent you from being at home in the world, and to create space in your body and in your life for new possibilities. 

Talk therapy is top down, using the mind to ‘figure things out.’ Somatic therapy is bottom up: drawing upon the roots of your intuition and your transcendent, feeling self. Through breathwork and mindfulness practices, I guide you to track sensation in the body to learn to assess the wellspring of healing resources you possess, and to tap into your inherent ability to  to moderate your ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. 

Gently leading you through somatic practices and deep listening, together we weave a beautiful space of trust. By regulating the nervous system, I show you how to foster more peace and ease in the body. From that grounded place, you can take on the messy and at times uncomfortable work of healing, and move towards your integrated Self. 

Are you interested in deepening into the work of somatic healing with multiple hour explorations?  This is your chance to root into work with Kris Coffman, and experience dedicated one-on-one therapeutic time. Format: half-day, full-day or full weekend intensives available.

Ritual & Ceremony

I utilize Ritual and Ceremony for exploration when clinically appropriate. 

Some of the rituals and ceremonial psychology I have collaboratively designed with clients/students have been:


  • Healing and creative arts Rituals 
  • Crone Ritual and Ceremony 
  • Pregnancy, Motherhood, Birth Rituals 
  • Death and Release Rituals 
  • Rebirth and Renewal Rituals 
  • Integration Rituals 
  • Sexpoloration Rituals 
  • Healing from Trauma Rituals 
  • Labyrinth Rituals 
  • and more…

Please connect with me by email if you feel called to create a meaningful Ritual of your own.

What my clients say…

“I struggled to find a therapist who was experienced in working with trans and queer people who was not in my immediate social circle. I feel so lucky to have found Kris. She does not focus on my transgender identity, queerness, or polyamory as “problems”, but is aware of how those identities can interact with the rest of my life. She encourages me to understand how my experiences and emotions are felt in my body, and to practice being present with and aware of those feelings and sensations. Kris also provided support to me as I began esketamine treatment which was very valuable in integrating the experiences.”

“I found my sessions this year working with Kris to be positive, eye-opening, and helpful. It is great to have a counselor who greets me with a smile and positive attitude each time we have a video session. I was a little worried about connecting with a counselor via the Internet, however, Kris made me feel heard and connected from day one.

I am a woman with a disability and someone who is slowly exploring the Kink world. I appreciate that Kris made me feel no shame about wanting to explore this side of myself. I find it refreshing that I do not have to explain in full detail what I may want to explore within the kink community because Kris understands the topic or what I may be referring to without too much explanation. However, she encourages me to explain what I may be looking for in a future relationship or to add boundaries in my life where I feel they may be needed."

"I found Kris while seeking out a sex-positive therapist and did not realize how badly I needed to be seen fully. I’ve seen a handful of therapists over the years but have never been understood so completely. My values, goals, joy, and vulnerability were reflected by someone who has clearly developed her sense of radical authenticity. What really activated my healing is that Kris is someone who can allow room for connection while still maintaining boundaries. 

She reminded me to slow do so that I could feel in control, and the power from what I was choosing to share instead of just being relieved that I had finally had someone that would listen. Kris isn’t just any someone and I am grateful to have learned, belly laughed, and felt held by her wisdom.”

“The body, not the thinking brain, is where we experience most of our pain, pleasure, and joy, and where we process most of what happens to us. It is also where we do most of our healing, including our emotional and psychological healing. And it is where we experience resilience and a sense of flow.”